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Our youngest age group, from ages 4-6, are what we call our little Acorns, full of potential to grow into mighty Oaks! The world is a fascinating place, especially to fresh young eyes discovering it for the first time. The natural world is always a source of inspiration, from insects to birds and plants, and perhaps under a toadstool or at the foot of a tree elves and fairies there may be...! Please find our Course Overview below.


Where Imagination Comes to Life

Acorn - ages 4-6

Week 1

Begin to draw


Testing materials , discussion of interests and related imaginative play with oil crayons



Week 2

Let's add to it!


Building on drawing of week 1 and expanding into other drawing media such as textas and/pencils. We may consider exploring this in sculptural/doll/puppet form as well.



Week 3


Let's paint!


Painting based on current topics relevant to the students in class such as weekend activities, holidays etc. using tempera, an easy-to-use powder paint which is mixed with water to create free flowing effects.


Week 4 

Do you see what I see?


Painting using poster paint for bright and bold effects. Beginning to play with other material such as cloth scraps and see them for their expressive potential.



Week 5 

Let's make it pop out of the page!


Introduction to sculpting using clay and/found objects


Week 6

Do you know how to make a....?


Complete a small, representational animal sculpture



Week 7

Working together


Collaborative found object sculpture project



Week 8

All the things you could make a picture with


Collage using an array of papers, beans, bits and bobs!



Week 9

A different way of seeing


Painting with objects. Using objects such as a leaf, twig, sponge etc to paint with instead of using a brush.



Week 10 

"Look at what I made!"


Painting games and party at the park including an exhibition amongst friends and family of selected folio work.

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