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For ages 8-10

Banksia Class offers students within the 8-10 year age group the opportunity to have fun with art while earning new skills and making friends. Located at Skye Road, Frankston, students are well placed within inspiring natural surrounds within close reach.

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Banksia - Ages 8 - 10

Week 1

The term begins with an introduction to a range of wet and dry drawing media. Students experiment with he different effects they can create while coming familiar with the media and skills they can build on in coming weeks.

A sketchbook is introduced for students to maintain a sketch a week.

Week 2

Class begins with discussion. Soft pastel sketching with the aim of a competed drawing at the end of the session.

Week 3

Students will explore the bright and beautiful worlds they can create with the medium of gouache - a quick drying water based painting medium which was used to create posters at the turn of the 20th century, and which is still widely used by artists and designers across various fields today.

Week 4

We will get to look at  some of the many ways in which to use the wet and wonderful medium.

Week 5 

Acrylic painting

Week 6

Collage is a form of painting with paper - cut, tear roll scrunch and paste! Your collage could even turn into a 3D work of art!

Week 7

Tempera/found object play

Week 8

Clay play - working with clay and creating clay work.

Week 9 

Clay play continued

Week 10

Exhibit & Celebrate a term's work with family and friends!

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