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Our guiding philosophy

ASCA was created with creative expression first and foremost in mind. Using art as a doorway to creative expression, students explore their own ideas and capabilities.

Classes extend over the course of a school term and cover a wide range of media to which students are introduced. From tempera, gouache and acrylics, to clay, mixed media and beyond, the possibilities for creative play and exploration are endless...

ASCA’s art classes provide a guided yet free approach to engaging with art in which students become creative thinkers and problem solvers. Material challenges can be seen as metaphors for life challenges and the creative process as one that is useful no matter what area of study or work one is engaged in outside of class.

It is our belief that through art, students develop skills that assist them to become confident, independent and creative thinkers in all aspects of life.

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“Everything has beauty in it, but not everyone sees it”



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